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Environmental Responsibility

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Sunburst Bottle is committed to serving your needs, while responsibly caring for the environment. Many businesses will tell you that these are competing interests that can't be mutually satisfied. We disagree. In fact, we've found that doing the "Right Thing" for customers and the environment can go hand-in-hand. How do we balance the needs of our customers with our environmental responsibilities?

We're comitted to mininimizing our environmental impact by:

  • Using biodegradable starch based or recyclable cardboard fill material in outbound shipments.
  • Recycling vendor boxes and buying overrun boxes from our box manufacturers when possible.
  • Conserving energy in our warehouse facilities by inviting natural light into our workspaces and reducing our dependence on electric-supplied light.
  • Operating LEEDS certified offices to ensure energy efficiency.

These are a few examples of our commitment to sustainability, and there are many more. Suffice it to say that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Please let us know if you have ideas to improve our current approach.

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