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A Letter From Chris Hiller - General Manager

I'm sure you've heard other companies talk about "Customer Satisfaction". They're quick to tell you about their sincere desire to satisfy you. After all, who doesn't want satisfaction? Well I, for one, don’t settle for satisfaction. To me, "satisfaction" is the bare minimum! TEAM SUNBURST drives against a different promise, a more demanding standard – we strive for CUSTOMER THRILL. Competition is fierce, and I know we need to deliver unique and resounding value. Moreover, we know you are counting on us to deliver. We get it!

Here's My Promise To You...
We will deliver THRILLING customer service. If we drop the ball or make an error, we'll fix "it" - and I personally guarantee it. Our culture demands that we're Proactive, On Time, Knowledgeable, Easy to work with, and Responsive. (We call this playing P.O.K.E.R.!) Every member of Team Sunburst has been trained and coached in the art of customer THRILL, and we stand ready to deliver. Put us to the test and let us work to earn your trust.

ThrillOur THRILL 360/365 logo on the right is displayed in our corporate offices and serves as a daily reminder of our promise to you. Our 360 degrees reference speaks to the 360 degrees represented in a complete circle; we want to encircle you in a thrilling experience. And, of course, 365 speaks to our desire to thrill you every day.

I extend to you a warm invitation to shop from our broad selection of bottles, jars, containers, jugs, boxes, and supplies. For current customers, I thank you for your business and confidence in us. For those considering Sunburst Bottle, I thank you for your time and hope you'll give us a shot.
Fortune favors the bold!

Chris Hiller
Chris Hiller

General Manager
Sunburst Bottle
4200 Commerce Court, Suite 206
Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: 877.925.4500
Fax: 800.423.7545

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